Saman Tejarat Milad, Industrial and Commercial Group

Saman Tejarat Milad industrial and commercial company is focused on providing required equipment, devices, and materials for a wide range of industries especially the oil and gas, and offshore industries. We have always been trying to put a positive effect while collaborating with different companies such as PetroPars, North Drilling, Deep Offshore Technology, Iranian Offshore Oil Company, Petro Gohar Farasahel Kish,Delta Offshore Technology, and Sadra.

Supply and Services

Saman Tejarat Milad has the honor to provide all of your required materials, equipment, and devices in three major scopes of offshore, marine, oil and gas industries.

Our important customers

Delta Offshore Technology

Delta Offshore Technology (Delta) was established in June 2009 to provide engineering, construction and management services to offshore projects with the core activity of offshore installation and operations in shallow and deep waters.


Shipbuilding & Ship repair, Offshore oil & gas construction & installation, Construction of mobile offshore drilling rig platforms, Onshore oil, gas & petrochemical construction, Construction of ports & harbors

Petro Gohar Farasahel Kish

Petro Gohar Farasahel Kish (PGFK) was established around 7 years ago in 1389. The development of phases 13 & 22-24 of this giant gas field was assigned to the company.

Deep Offshore Technology

Concentration to Carry out the Current projects which includes Engineering, Load Out , Transportation & Installation of Agreed Offshore Structures, and also Cable and Pipe Laying operations

Other customers

Morvarid Parsian Kish

Petro Borna

Petro Dana

North Drilling

North Drilling, a leading company in oil and gas well drilling, has worked out important strategies in line with its vision plan.

Fateh Sanat Kimia

With over 148,000 m² workshop area and numerous fabrication facilities, FATEH SANAT KIMIA is well known as the leader in customized design and fabrication of various types of static equipment of Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries

Iranian Offshore Oil Company

Iranian Offshore Oil Company (IOOC), is one of the world’s largest offshore oil producing companies. with over a half century of experience. The Company shares one third of Iranian oil export, operating in Iranian side of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea.